MIZU, Today for Tomorrow

    The Mizu line:
    a great look, with sturdy construction
    a beach-goer filling up his Mizu
    Kale Gray, a pretty sick photographer and one man operation kept the crowds rehydrated.

    "We are mizu, because we believe in living life today in a way that will give you the tomorrow you would like to see."

    While shooting at the Hurley Pro 2009, I got a chance to meet Kale Gray, a representative for the Mizu water bottle company. What struck me most was their sincere and clever conservation concerns regarding the wasteful use of bottled water.

    Mizu provided colorful stainless steel bottles for purchase which you could endlessly refill for free during your visit to the ASP tour stop down at Trestles, San Clemente, California. There were people even filling their generic bottles, all at an attempt to limit the number of littered plastic bottles that end up on beaches and landfills. It was all quite a refreshing sight, and it did have a great impact on the level of trash you typicially see after a surf event.

    Kudos to the boys at MIZU, very progressive and conscious thinking!

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