The disappointment of the 2008 Dallas Cowboys

    Romo needs to rescind his own contract. After playing as poorly as he has played this past season, he doesn't deserve his salary. Yes he has won and has had some impressive stats, but the way he loses makes all his success moot.

    The coaching staff needs to be evaluated and questioned for their poor game management. Wade Philips looked dazed and confused on the sidelines. The best part of the game was when Romo kicked the punt team off the field and QB sneaked a first down.

    Possibly the worst team in franchise history. A 9-7 record means nothing when you fail to make the post-season, and losing the way that they have lost is pure embarrassment. As my daddy always said, "the worst thing in life is wasted talent", and reiterated by NFL commentator/football icon Howie Long, the Cowboys are "Wasted Talent." Former coach Jimmy Johnson chalks it up to "a sloppy, sloppy team, without discipline." At least Jimmy knew how to win.

    This team plays without discipline, are too caught up in the limelight, and are poorly coached. Jerry Jones needs to strip the team of their "Stars", hire a team manager outside of himself, and rebuild the team at every aspect. You can't cry over the spilled milk and the money spent on unproductive contracts. The Dallas Cowboys are a disappointment.


    -a 30 year fan, MD

so happy to be home for the holidays...

    after spending so many days out of the country, I'm happy to be home. a view of my playground...

Slater Wins the Billabong Pipeline Masters 2008

    Australian Joel Parkinson Wins 26th Annual
    Vans Triple Crown of Surfing Series Title.

    from the official ASP press release:
    BANZAI PIPELINE, Hawaii (Thursday, Dec. 12, 2008) - Nine-time ASP World Champion Kelly Slater (USA) has won the Billabong Pipeline Masters a record sixth time today, defeating Californian darkhorse Chris Ward. The victory is Slater's sixth of the 11 event 2008 ASP World Tour season and provides him his first Vans Triple Crown of Surfing event victory since his last victory here at Pipeline in 1999. The Billabong Pipeline Masters is the third and final event of the 2008 Vans Triple Crown of Surfing series.

    Slater revolutionized Pipeline surfing today, winning on a 5'11" Merrick- a board many considered too small for the barreling, 6-to-8-foot waves.

While other Pipe Masters competitors rode surfboards in the 6'4" to 7'2" range, Slater charged with relatively smaller equipment on the 12- to 18-foot wave faces.

    This was Slater's sixth Billabong Pipeline Masters title, sixth World Tour event win and his 40th professional contest victory. He also captured his ninth ASP World Championship earlier in October at the Billabong Pro Mundaka.

    Slater was also presented a 1970's replica surfboard shaped by Gerry Lopez with solid gold edging for his Pipe Master's victory. 
"It's inexplicable," Slater said of his win and banner season. "I'm just stoked. I wasn't even worried about surfing the event, so to surf it and win and get that board (a Gerry Lopez designed surfboard trophy). I'll cherish that for sure."

    Slater has made the Pipeline Masters final 10 out of the 17 times he has entered the event; winning in 1992, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1999 and again today. 

    "My season is all about nines," Slater said. "Winning this event nine years later, I needed a 9th in the ninth event of the year to win my 9th ASP World title, it's crazy."

    Despite being mobbed by the media and a fan frenzy, Kelly took the time to chat with Philippine Star Lifestyle.

    MD: "Hey Kelly, Now after winning your 6th pipemasters, and your 9th ASP world title, any chance you might slow it down and come surf the Philippine Islands soon?"

    Kelly: "I would love to sometime, for sure. I know there is some amazing surf that people don’t even know about."

    MD: "7000 islands brah, 7000."

    Kelly: "Yah its crazy, peace to all the boys back in the Philippines."

    With thousands of miles of empty coastline, empty lineups, and over 7,107 islands; One day in our near future we may be so lucky as to host Mr. 9X ASP champ himself with truly hospitable Pinoy style. Until then, we will continue to enjoy our pristine shores, hollow waves, and endless San Miguel. If the time ever comes, the spots shall remain secret, and no one will ever recall it ever happening.

    Happy Surfing and enjoy this beautiful life. -MD

Peaceful moments with Manny Pacquiao

    With the weight of a nation atop his shoulders, Manny Pacquiao humbly goes about his way on the morning before his biggest fight. Come Saturday evening December 6, 2008 , regardless of the fight outcome, Manny will always be an inspiration and his legacy might often prove to be bigger than boxing itself.   -mark dimo

I have a dream...

    ...and on November 4, 2008 it all came true. I always believed in a better America. I just never realized it would happen in my lifetime. I am left speechless and hopeful for my daughter's tomorrow, and in our new president's words... "change has come..."

    The face of determination on the man that will lead our way, our President, Barack Obama

my baby girl will be surfing in no time...

    I spent a recent work trip with my family, but all work and no play makes mark a dull boy. Here is a shot of me taking the time out for some R&R at the Kapuluan Vista Resort on the Northern tip of the Philippine islands. A memorable experience for my daughter getting her first taste of what her future holds. Yes, I will probably be one of those surfer dads coaching his daughter from the beach and in the water.

    Its always good to start 'em early...

    Image taken by my wife from the water with the Pentax Optio W60

my best friend is resting...

    After 2 surgeries, and a 2-year long battle with Lymphoma, Rocco, the "Mr. Boy" is now running painfree in a special place. Like my good friend Jun once said, "All dogs go to heaven." These were the last pictures of Rocco, taken the day he passed on. Rest in peace old buddy, we all love and miss you...

    Rocco's last portrait.

    malia waving goodbye...

7 months, and time is really flying now...

    my daughter is about to celebrate her 7 month birthday and it became apparent that she will soon be walking and then running, yikes!!! hopefully surfing by the age of 4!

experimental glamour shots.

    A few of the Aloha Board Sports Team riders were in town, so I took some alternative snapshots, which vary from the usual Sport, Surf Action. All Images Shot with the Pentax K20D. Here are the Results...

    ALL Images ©2008 Mark Dimalanta

My Malia is 6 months old today!

    today marks the 6 month point for baby Malia, boy how time flies, and I am loving every minute of it!

    Pentax K20D, Pentax SMC DA 70mm pancake limited

Malia Manuel Wins the Women's Division of the Honda US Open of Surfing.

    The Women's leg, of the GO211 LIVE, featuring the Honda US Open of Surfing, concluded in history making fashion, and with an unprecedented upset. In an all Hawaiian final, Malia Manuel upset Coco Ho and dominated the finals with the crowd coming to a roar. History was made on this day because Malia became the youngest women's ASP champion at the age of 14, after battling an open field as a "wild-card" entry.

    from the official ASP press release:
    Malia Manuel Makes ASP History as Youngest Ever U.S. Open Champion
    HUNTINGTON BEACH, California (Saturday, July 26, 2008) - Malia Manuel (Wailua, HI), 14, has claimed the GO211 LIVE featuring the Women’s Honda U.S. Open of Surfing presented by O’Neill over fellow finalist Coco Ho (North afternoon both young Hawaiians making ASP history as the youngest finalists ever at the Shore, HI), 17, in two-to-three foot (1 metre) surf at Huntington Beach Pier this U.S. Open.

    The Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) World Qualifying Series (WQS) 6-Star event saw some incredible performances today, but none as impressive as the young Hawaiians taking down some of the biggest names in professional surfing.

    “I’m so stoked right now,” Manuel said. “My sponsors gave me the wildcard into this event and I was just happy to be here. To get to surf against some of my heroes and to be in the Final with my friend Coco (Ho) is just something I would have never dreamed of.”

    Sticking to her game plan throughout the event, Manuel started strong in the opening moments of the Final, securing two lengthy righthanders to post solid scores while her opponent struggled to find her footing in the challenging afternoon conditions.

    “There weren’t many waves out there this afternoon which was too bad,” Manuel said. “I just got lucky that a couple linked up for me and I was able get some scores under my belt.”

    Manuel issued huge upsets today, defeating former ASP Women’s World Champion and 2006 U.S. Open Champion Sofia Mulanovich (Lima, PER) in her Quarterfinals heat before posting a dominating heat win over current ASP WQS ratings leader Sally Fitzgibbons (Gerroa, AUS) as well as an impressive win over Ho en route to becoming the youngest U.S. Open Winner ever.

    Ho issued her share of shocking upsets as well, defeating ASP Women’s World Tour veteran Melanie Bartels (Makaha, HI) and reigning ASP Women’s World Champion and defending U.S. Open Champion Stephanie Gilmore (Tweed Heads, AUS) on her way to the final. Ho’s potential sweep of both the women’s events was stopped by Manuel’s Honda U.S. Open Final victory.

    “The conditions really came down to the one who got the wave with the wall,” Ho said. “I couldn’t find my feet and I had to watch her catch a really good right. It was just cool being in the Final, because it was my goal to just make the Quarters, so I’m over the moon.”

    Fitzgibbons, who has already qualified for the 2009 ASP Women’s World Tour, finished in equal third-place behind Manuel, increasing her ASP WQS ratings lead over the field.

    “Malia was surfing really well and got off to a great start and just kept going from there,” Fitzgibbons said. “It was hard to play catch-up with the waves that were coming through and she’s the deserving heat winner.”

    Fitzgibbons will take a break and miss the ASP WQS 6-Star event in Portugal to recharge, but will be back and ready for when competition resumes in Hawaii.

    Gilmore, who finished equal third as well, was defeated in her Semifinals heat by event standout Ho. Gilmore put in a hard-fought battle against the young North Shore native, but could not find the score she needed to advance over her opponent.

    “I’ve been watching Coco (Ho) the whole event and she’s probably my favorite up-and-coming surfer,” Gilmore said. “It was cool to have a heat with her and see what her strategies are. These are some really valuable points on my WQS seeding. I’m bummed I didn’t get the win, but that’s competition.”

    Gilmore will travel from the Honda U.S. Open in Huntington to France for the next ASP Women’s World Tour event, where the Rip Curl Pro Mademoiselle will take place from August 28-September 1, 2008 in Hossegor, France.

    The ASP WQS women’s competitors will head from Huntington to Portugal for another ASP WQS 6-Star event, the Billabong Girls Cascais Festival, which will be held in Guincho, Portugal from July 31 – August 3, 2008


    After the conclusion of the Men's Finals, more coverage to follow and a week-long wrap up...

    One of the many sights to see at the Honda US Open of Surfing. model: Pamela Jean

    ALL IMAGES ©2008 Mark Dimalanta

Mother's Day Baby Portraits

    With the arrival of our firstborn, the subject matter of my photos began to dramatically change in focus from Surfing to babies. I figure that by the time Malia is 4, I will be shooting her portrait while surfing!

    I'm typically not a portrait photographer, my friend Michelle Rivera over at Misha has influenced me on shifting more of my scope to portraiture. Thanks for the tips!

    I learned a few things on this day. Babies move fast, constantly out of your focal plane. Try not to shoot during the cold of the early morning. These poor babies had excessively rosy, and patchy skin, due to the cold. I shot with so many lenses, but it seems much easier to use just one focal length, like a 77, 100, or 200mm.

    here are some of the results.

US Open of Surfing 2008 in 3 days...

    Summer is upon us, but as always, we are blanked with limited south swell; and the US Open of Surfing is scheduled to start in 3 days. Despite the meek conditions, the pros are out warming up in sloppy small surf.

    A reminder that summer is in full swing. Charlotte about to paddle out

    Andrew Doheny on one of the larger set waves of the morning

    Teddy Navarro annihilating a 1 foot wave

    KRU boy Rob Patterson busting fins free

    Macy Mullen from Mililani, Hi. making the small stuff look easy.

    All Images shot with the Pentax K20d and Pentax SMC DA* 300 f4

Aloha Board Sports team rider Corey Wills: technically perfect surfing...

    Corey riding the 5'11" Webber Fat Burner

    Style matters, and for one of the Philippine Island's best freesurfers, Corey Wills, style speaks volumes. Your surfing ability may be easily revealed by subtle cues found in your paddling ability, ease of getting into waves, bottom turning, and even how you kick out and finish off a wave.

    My favorite style guru has always been Rob Machado, and these days Corey's style is starting to emulate much of what makes Machado one of the best surfers to watch.

    Notice the compression on the approach, the horizontal nature of the shoulders, and the functional kinesic positioning of the arms and hands. When asked about how Corey maintains his core strength, which attributes positively to his overall style, Corey mentioned that SUP (stand up paddle surfing) and yoga are key influences to maintaining his style.

    *image shot with Pentax K20d and Pentax DA* 300 f4

Julian Wilson Wins the Nike 6.0 Pier Pressure 2008


    Wilson on a backside re-entry, Southside Huntington Beach, California

    from the official press release:
    Huntington Beach, CA, June 30, 2008 – Julian Wilson (Coolum, AUS) proved to be the form surfer of the day, claiming victory at the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) Grade-4 Nike 6.0 Pier Pressure presented by Jack’s Surfboards, in improved two-to-three foot peaky conditions over Stuart Kennedy (Lennox Head AUS), Chris Salisbury (Newport, AUS) and Andrew Doheny (Newport Beach, CA).

    This ASP Grade-4 Pro Junior event was the first in the nation’s history, offering more ratings points than any other event and providing a crucial venue for surfers looking to qualify for the Billabong ASP World Junior Championships.

    Wilson wasted no time in the final, acquiring two solid scores in the opening minutes to put his fellow finalists on the ropes. His performance topped off a flawless run of competition, which saw him win every heat he surfed in from Round 1.

    “This win feels really good,” Wilson said. “I’ve never had a good result here, and I thought if I came here and did this event it would be good experience for the US Open, and it’s worked out well that I came here early. I’m pumped for the US Open, and I can’t wait for it.”

    Wilson was a standout throughout the event’s entirety, winning a total of seven heats over the stack of international talent. The young Australian posted the event’s highest total heat score of a near perfect 18.35 out of possible 20 points in his Quarterfinal heat against current ASP North American Pro Junior Series ratings leader Cory Arrambide (Ventura, CA), Hawaiian standout Kai Barger (Haiku, HI) and San Diegan Brent Reilly (Carlsbad, CA).

    “The waves have gotten a lot better,” Wilson said. “I think there’s still a bit of tide on it, but it’s really clean, and there are more fun peaks, and not so many closeouts, and it’s not too hard to get a score out here today.”

    Kennedy, who is current No. 1 on the ASP Australasia Pro Junior Series, finished second behind Wilson, proving that his ASP Pro Junior talents extend well beyond Australia.

    “The waves ended up getting fun,” Kennedy said. “Julian (Wilson) was surfing unreal, but it’s good to come here and get some money, and a good result.”

    Salisbury, who also won each of his heats en route to a Finals berth, rounded out three of the four Australians who surfed from Round 1 into the Finals. The progressive natural-footer, who is currently rated No. 8 on the ASP Australasia Pro Junior Series, is using this event to stay fresh for his domestic ASP Pro Junior Series.

    “We’re (the Australians) all going really well so far,” Salisbury said. “We’re all pretty pumped to get over here because this is our off season in Australia, and we’re all looking forward to keeping the ball rolling and continue doing contests, and it’s good that we’re all over here.”

    Doheny was the last North American surfer standing against the overseas onslaught, and the young natural-footer put in a good effort against the domineering Australians in the Final.

    “I’m super stoked because this is the best result of my life so far,” Doheny said. “I’m stoked to be the only guy from the United States in the Final.”

    This ASP Grade-4 Pro Junior result will launch Doheny forward in the ASP North America Pro Junior ratings from the 15th to 4th, increasing his chances for qualification into the Billabong ASP World Junior Championships.

    For more Nike 6.0 Pier Pressure Pro Junior pres. by Jack’s action log onto

    The Nike 6.0 Pier Pressure presented by Jack’s is supported by Nike 6.0, Jack’s Surfboards, Hurley, Red Bull, Surfer Magazine, Surfing Magazine and Look for complete event details, a live webcast, daily updates, online giveaway and results at

    Nike 6.0 Pier Pressure pres. by Jack’s Surfboards Results

    1- Julian Wilson (AUS) 16.10, $3,500, 1,500 pts.
    2- Stuart Kennedy (AUS) 15.50, $2,200, 1,290 pts.
    3- Chris Salisbury (AUS) 12.25, $1,800, 1,095 pts.
    4- Andrew Doheny (USA) 8.50, $1,300, 1,005 pts.

    *Image shot with the Pentax K20d and Pentax DA* 300 f4

Summer Solstice, June 21, 2008

    We have been stung with California Heat Wave this past week. Inland temperatures reached 110+ while temps remained warm at 85+ on the coastline. The best way to celebrate Life during these scorching temps... as a Surfer.

another day at work, with Rocky

    Another shot of extreme wide angle Fisheye action to demonstrate the field of view and how close the surfers actually get to the photographer.

    Photo courtesy of Jess at -thanks Jess!

    the result:

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