The disappointment of the 2008 Dallas Cowboys

    Romo needs to rescind his own contract. After playing as poorly as he has played this past season, he doesn't deserve his salary. Yes he has won and has had some impressive stats, but the way he loses makes all his success moot.

    The coaching staff needs to be evaluated and questioned for their poor game management. Wade Philips looked dazed and confused on the sidelines. The best part of the game was when Romo kicked the punt team off the field and QB sneaked a first down.

    Possibly the worst team in franchise history. A 9-7 record means nothing when you fail to make the post-season, and losing the way that they have lost is pure embarrassment. As my daddy always said, "the worst thing in life is wasted talent", and reiterated by NFL commentator/football icon Howie Long, the Cowboys are "Wasted Talent." Former coach Jimmy Johnson chalks it up to "a sloppy, sloppy team, without discipline." At least Jimmy knew how to win.

    This team plays without discipline, are too caught up in the limelight, and are poorly coached. Jerry Jones needs to strip the team of their "Stars", hire a team manager outside of himself, and rebuild the team at every aspect. You can't cry over the spilled milk and the money spent on unproductive contracts. The Dallas Cowboys are a disappointment.


    -a 30 year fan, MD

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