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    this mornings surf, southside HB, 12/28/2007

You get what you give. The induction of Al Merrick into the Surfer’s hall of Fame

    You get what you give. The induction of Al Merrick into the Surfer’s hall of Fame

    By: Mark ‘dimo’ Dimalanta, for West Coast Surf Magazine

    The 10th anniversary of the Surfer’s Hall of Fame always brings about the best the surfing world has to offer, and each year, pivotal contributors to our sport are honored for their achievements. The Hall of fame inductees are selected by a committee of business owners, surfers, and surf industry professionals based on contribution, dedication, integrity, and revolution to the sport of surfing. This year, on July 27, 2007 Martin Potter, Sofia Mulanovich, Bruce Irons, and Al Merrick were all honored.

    Each year is an opportunity for fans to witness their heroes immortalized in concrete and experience each inductee’s gratitude for our sport. This year marked a key event and was made all the more special, simply for the chance to meet and shake the hands of the man who has shaped some of the best surfboards, for perhaps the best surfers in history.

    Al has molded the lives of many of the surfing world’s heroes. While surfing Southside HB, I met an Argentinean surfer who came to California, simply to purchase a ‘Merrick’ and with much elation, described it as “magic”. He remarked that “there is simply something inherently special” to an Al Merrick shape.

    For close to four decades, Al’s company, Channel Islands surfboards, has been dedicated to quality and performance through hard work, innovation, and originality. Globally, his boards are the most sought after shapes, let alone, his brand recognition has prompted him to be one of the most prolific surfboard shapers in history.

    When you meet the man, experience his work as a surfer yourself, or simply view one of his riders, it’s enough to see the beauty of his skill. Of all the accolades in a storied life as colorful as Al Merrick’s, the one most impressive is his piety and reverence for the people who stand closest within his circle. His acceptance speech reached an emotional pinnacle when he took the time to pay gratitude to all his supporters. Being thankful for such an “honor in my life, that I never imagined, I thank the surfers I had the privilege of shaping for, Tommy, Kelly, Sofia, Lisa, Rob, Taylor, Bobby, the Malloys, and the Gudauskas’s…”

    Of the many, on his thank you list, Al acknowledged the importance of his wife Terry, his children and his faith in surviving prostate cancer. Al’s induction was memorable for many reasons, most notably for his humility, selflessness, and respect for those who have enriched his life. I feel we all owe Al a bit of thanks; the world of surfing has been blessed by your contributions.


    million dollar roy, clowning on the beach during a recent trip to the philippines

    roy 'super' powers exits a frothy barrel, 'level up', pagudpud philippnes

    from the official ASP press release:
    Powers & Basque Surfer Aranburu Qualify for 2008 ASP WCT

    Haleiwa, Oahu, HI - (November 23, 2007) - Kauai's Roy Powers survived the largest day of surf ever contested at Haleiwa in the 25-year history of the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing to win the REEF Hawaiian Pro today. Powers posted one of the most conclusive wins in history to defeat Australian pair Bede Durbidge and Joel Parkinson, and Haleiwa local Sean Moody in waves of 12- to 20-feet to pocket $15,000 and move to 12th on the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) World Qualifying Series - a result that guarantees him a spot on the 2008 World Championship Tour.

    But the Kauai surfer's victory was far more than a simple win. Having already surfed through three gruelling 25-minute heats earlier in the day to get to the final, Roy was looking to conserve power by nailing the door shut early. He met his goal with two of the most thrilling tube-rides of the contest and the highest heat score of the event.

    By the 20 minute mark of the 35 minute final, Powers had posted two near-perfect scores of 9.17 and 9.67 that eclipsed his rivals. With five minutes remaining, all three of the trailing surfers were enduring a rinse cycle on the inside courtesy of a series of crushing waves. With three-and-a-half minutes remaining, all three were standing exhausted on dry sand in time to see Roy's last ride.

    The final scoreline showed 18.84 points out of 20 to Powers, 13.74 for Durbidge ($7,500), 12.0 to Parkinson ($4,000), and 6.37 for Sean Moody ($3,000).

    It wasn't just about riding big waves either. Today's lineup was a brutal test of endurance, lung capacity, will-power and mind-power. Raging rip-currents hundreds of yards wide encircled the contest zone. Competitors had to battle to simply stay in position for a ride; a problem compounded by rogue set waves that bulldozed the break and swept surfers assunder. Take-offs were often elevator drops, and waves didn't necessarily cooperate after that, randomly doubling up to offer a dredging tube-ride or a wipeout that presented like a head-on collision.

    To do it all, under pressure, made the win all the more sweet for Powers.

    "I wanted another opportunity to get on the WCT," said Powers. "I was a little cocky before. Now I think I've grown up a bit and I realize it's not that easy and it won't be a walk in the park.

    "Now I want to win the Triple Crown - to me that's priceless.

    "I wanted to keep the momentum going and keep the pressure on everybody else. I was so worried that someone else was going to get two nines, too. I mean, it happens. So I stayed out there and paddled around them every time and I wasn't going to give them any chance.

    "To get a barrel out at Hale'iwa and make it? C'mon! And to get two of them? And win the event? It's serious out there, so to get two nines... I'm so stoked."

    all images ©2007 mark dimalanta

Cal Zeta Sig Ep Reunion 11/18/2007

    a bunch of bros from the Cal Zeta Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon got together for a reunion at the yard house in long beach, california. it was a great time catching up. I look forward to surfing with all of you again, just like old times.

    more pictures located here:

2 views, 2 lenses, 2 different times of day, same pier

    Pentax SMCP FA* 24mm 3s f22

    Pentax SMCP DA* 16-50 f2.8 @ 18mm 20s f18

    same pier shot at 2 different intervals with 2 different lenses

Mark Dimalanta Profile by Jason Schneider

    In the October 2007 issue of Popular Photography, former Editor Jason Schneider wrote an article about Pentaxian photographer Dr. Mark Dimalanta.

preview of the pentaxians, Pop Photo 9/2007

    a sneak preview of the "Pentaxians" ran in the september 2007 issue of popular photography. featured photographers included: Mark Dimalanta, Godfrey Digiorgi, Julie Quarry, and Kerrick James

the new pentax

    recently pentax started rolling out the latest of the marketing themes showcasing the pentax photo gallery and the "pentaxian". here is the initial ad, wherein myself, along with kerrick james, julie quarry, and godfrey digiorgi had all contributed.

highlights with the Pentax Optio W30

    Corey Wills with the founder and owners of Town & Country Hawaii, Craig and Linda Sugihara

    giving lessons to the hosts of sports unlimited. (l-r)corey wills, mark dimalanta, paolo soler, diane castillejo, & marc nelson

    aloha boardsports, inc. teamriders nikki d. and buji

    "da boys" at kapuluan vista surf resort: dustin c., mooney c, doc dimo, powers, and pao

    Freddy and his crew return to manila. (l-r) corey wills, mark dimalanta, freddy g., paolo soler

    i cant publish too many photos until the article comes out in the mag, but here are some fun point and shoot snaps from my recent surf trip. we taught a few local celebs how to surf while shooting for the "sports unlimited" TV series.

    all images ©2007 Mark Dimalanta

T&C hawaii visits Aloha Boardsports

    Roy Powers, shaper Glenn Pang, shaper Lui tortuya, & Paolo soler

    Adam Borello with T&C founders Craig and Linda Sugihara

    Photographer Corey Scott, Daniel Kereopa, Paolo Soler, Corey Wills, & Dustin Cuizon

    Dustin Cuizon, Doc Mark Dimalanta, Spencer Ty, Philip Santiago, Kapono Nahina, Marts Legarda, JP Cheung, and Daniel Kereopa

    Aloha Boarsports founder and owner Freddy G. and wife Anne

    Team Town & Country Hawaii vistis the The Aloha Boardpsorts, Inc. Surf team at the Fort Bonifacio, Makati City Philippines. As part of "Onboard Philippines"; a partnership between the Department of Tourism, Aloha Boardsports, Inc., and Visiting Guest Surfers, all aimed at ushering in and mentoring the emerging surf culture within the philippine islands.

    Pictured are the professional surfers from T&C Hawaii and Aloha Boardsports Philippines...

    all images ©2007 Mark Dimalanta

the thrill of victory...

    i shoot the best athletes in the world, and nothing looks visually more stunning then the thrill of victory and all that it radiates. here are some lifestyle shots from the awards ceremony for the recent US Open of Surfing 2007.

to give thanks and praise...

    'a happier dr. mark'

    not to rehash an old story, but while on a current boat trip working on an editorial for extreme surfing in remote locales, i was reminded to give thanks. a little over 3 years ago, my future was uncertain, and my health was in question. when i made the decision to get to living and stop dying, i began to heal. i made a complete 180 from my past life, made changes to improve my health and now live with peace in my heart, a loving wife, a blessing on the way, and friends and family that i must thank for all their support.

    sometimes we lose site of how we got where we are, and i try to take the time each day to give thanks and praise for those who believed and supported me. sometimes we hiccup and falter, but in the end the sincerest form of apology is to learn and improve after we fall.

    life is a gift, and each day i truly try to LIVE...

a long awaited homecoming...

    roy powers, mikala jones, and dustin cuizon, team riders from town & country hawaii, will return to the philippines for a freesurf session and will travel the islands with the aloha boardsports freesurf team from the philippines. its a homecoming for mikala who has surfed the philippines a few times in the past, and is also of filipino/hawaiian heritage. mikala has disclosed to me in our last conversation at the us open 2006, that his prior trip to the philippines had always been his favorite surf trip.

    at a recent meeting of surf journalists, at the huntington beach art center, dana brown of endless summer II and step into liquid fame had told me that pat o'connell, himself, proclaimed the philippines to be his best surf trip. we are excited to host the boys from hawaii and look forward to empty perfect barrels.

the number one volleyball team in the country...

    misty may-treanor and kerry walsh are the number one team in the AVP world and have recently picked up their 16th win of the season. after the shocking upset in boston one week prior, misty and kerry have rebounded this week in new york to regain the number one title. with only three more events left in the season, may-treanor/walsh can win on and be crowned the most consistent win tandem in history.

superbowl predictions 2007/2008

    Well the 2007 NFL season is upon us, and football frenzy is on its way. My wife, suddenly realized that i simply do not exist sundays this fall, as well as monday evening from 6-9pm PST. I am a die hard football nut, and those who know me well, remember my die hard faith in the Dallas Cowboys.

    Well, this morning on my yahoo news videos, sportscasters, charles robinson and michael silver are predicting the cowboys to possibly win the NFC east and perhaps the superbowl. we shall wait and see. are tony romo and terrell owens the answer to our prayers???

    all images ©2007 Mark Dimalanta

new upcoming talent

    rob patterson from hawaii, and charlotte dellea are rising stars in the surfing world. keep an eye out for their talent

nathan carroll wins HB surf series july 8, 2007

    warm water and fun swell, big guns richie collins and sunny garcia were taken down in the earlier rounds. nathan carroll claims event stop 2, of the Huntington Beach Surf Series 2007.

    all photos ©2007 Mark Dimalanta Photography

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