The Havaiana's Art Exhibit unveils this weekend at the Country's First Surf & Music Festival.

    We fielded hundreds of entries, and the final 20 were selected for the Havaianas' Art Exhibit.  The images will showcase at the Gallery site located at Aliya Surf Resort in Baler, and will be posted virally over Facebook upon completion of the event.

    Each entry celebrates the Surfing Culture in one way or another.  We congratulate all those that made it and are honored to showcase your work at our Island Nation's very first Surf & Music Festival,  brought to you by Aloha Boardsports and Travel Factor.

    Image shot with Pentax K5, DA 10-17, AF540FGZ off camera via Microsync RF Triggers on location in
    Jakarta, Indonesia for the Billabong City Squared Indonesia Skate Competition

The Havaianas' Art Exhibit at the Surf & Music Festival, brought to you by Aloha Boardsports & Travel Factor

    The Havaianas Art Exhibit –Surf & Music Festival 2011

    Are you a photographer or an artist who loves to create work that evokes a feel good vibe? Gain recognition and exposure by participating in this one of a kind exhibit, at the country’s largest Surf & Music Festival.
    Think of the beach, its vibe, and all the spin offs that arise from the beach/surfing lifestyle.  This may be creatively represented by action imagery, lifestyle imagery, concert photography (because music and surf have always gone hand in hand), landscape, portraiture, or still life, etc. 
    The theme is broad, but the unifying factor is that the content must tie in with the beach lifestyle. The creative output is dependent on each artist’s individual interpretation of the board riding experience.
    Criteria for selection will be based on 30% relevance to the theme, 40% Originality, 30% Technical Merit.
    Submit an your original photograph or 2-dimensional art representation that celebrates the surfing lifestyle.

    The artist must attach the following information upon submission of the artwork:
    o   Full Name
    o   E-mail Address
    o   Contact Number

    Submission begins on October 10, 2011 and ends on October 20, 2011.

    The top 20 artworks to be displayed at the Surf and Music Festival Art Exhibit, on October 29-31, 2011 at Aliya Beach Resort, will be announced on the Aloha Boardsports Facebook page on October 24, 2011. Winners will also receive an e-mail from Aloha Boardsports.

    All photographic images must be submitted to  
    o   For 2-dimensional artworks and paintings, send a high quality image that best displays the work.

    o   Initial submission may be watermarked and must be scaled at 1000pixels for judging purposes. 

    o   You will be notified if you’ve made the cut by email.

    o   The top 20 artworks selected must be submitted electronically by October 23, 2011 at its highest resolution, absent of any watermark, a minimum of 250 dpi, and CYMK to be printed on Metallic paper for 16” x 20” displays.
    o   Alternate forms other than photographs can be any form of paint material (oil/acrylic/watercolor) or Charcoal / pen/or pencil on suitable surfaces but must stay within the  size range of 16” x 20”.

    o   2-dimensional artworks must fit or approximate roughly within the dimensions of 16”x20” to be displayed on an easel.

    All Participants whose artwork will be chosen will be given a prize package from Aloha Boardsports and Havianas.  Stay tuned for further announcements about the detailed prize package.

    The Exhibit is meant to celebrate the festival and the lifestyle and not meant to be a competition. However, one image will receive a grand prize to be announced soon.
    Each artist retains copyright of their work but allows the event organizers: Aloha Boardsports, Travel Factor, or Havaianas the right to display the work on their company websites and social networks.

      • The images will be printed on 16” x 20” metallic prints with the contest theme matte and logos mounted on Sintra Board. These matted images may be physically displayed outside the exhibit post event to highlight and commemorate the Surf & Music Festival.

      • Each artist will be properly credited wherever the image is displayed.

    Images not selected may be displayed in a organizers’ Facebook page to further commemorate the event.

    To claim the prize package, participants must print the e-mail sent by Aloha Boardsports and present a valid ID.

Indoor and available light samples with the Pentax Q

    The Camera Evolved.  From my early roots with the 84' Pentax Program Plus, onto the many cameras used for work and pleasure, the Q has arrived.

    Sometimes, there are moments where you don't want to lug around a bulky SLR, but an opportunity may arise where you may need that shot.  As a spot journalist,  chances come on the fly, and there have been times where a point and shoot or a phone cam leave you un-equipped.  

    I came across Johnny Rockets in Eastwood Mall,  and the American memorabilia left me nostalgic remembering late night burgers on Melrose Ave,, Hollywood California.  I wanted to preserve the experience for a possible travel feature.  I needed a camera that was discrete, compact, and capable of the job.  

    The following are available light images shot with the PENTAX Q.

    The Standard Prime exhibiting shallow depth of field.

    I wanted to preserve the ambiance of the restaurant and its background, so I attempted to shoot the dancing waiters with a delayed shutter speed knowing it may introduce action blur.  I found the result far more pleasing than any other camera in this size range.

    When shooting people under available light only,  the face my present with unflattering shadows.  To avoid this I extended the pop up flash (which dramatically reduces Red eye, without the need for the pre flash.

    Dramatic wide views using the Fisheye Lens.

Pentax Launches the Pentax Q in Manila, Philippines

    Last October 5, 2011 Supereast Asia (Official Pentax Distributor for the Philippines) launched the "Q", the world's smallest interchangeable lens camera for our local market.

    Photojournalist Mark Dimalanta shares his thoughts on the Q
    (photo courtesy of

    I was onsite as the guest speaker for the event and was very pleased to share my experiences with the new "Q" for all the media and celebrity guests in attendance.

    As a photojournalist for the Travel and Surf Industry, I'm often carrying way too much gear.  Far often the weight and excess of gear has stripped the enjoyment of photography.  The Q offers a powerful system that can hide in your pocket, or the palm of your hand and has singlehandedly restored the "fun" in photography.

    I have always been a fan a small mirror-less cameras for their compact size and non-obtrusive appearance. My experiences with the Olympus Pen have been very satisfying, but the size and weight of the micro 4/3rds camera often had me yearning for an alternative.

    My prayers were answered with the Q.

    From my oldest camera to my newest camera, Photography has always been about the experience.  The Q adds an entirely new chapter...

    I wanted to see if the Q and a selection of primes was up to the task of covering one of my travel assignments.

    I am also the senior photographer for Billabong, here in the Philippines and I traveled with some of the Billabong team riders to Siargao Island for the recent Billabong Pro Junior.  Here are a collection of photos shot with the Q.  

    RVCA and Billabong team riders checking in and stressing over the board bag fees

    RVCA ambassador Okoy Rojo, and Billabong's Jay R Esquivel sending final texts before takeoff
    Jerry Deegan, owner of Sagana Resort on Cloud 9, Siragao Island
    View of Rock Island from Ocean 101 Resort, Siargao Island

    Shemi and Idan, surfers from Israel enjoying a Siargao sunset

    Sector 9 rider Nicole Wuthrich in Billabong bikini and shorts

    The pier and view tower overlooking world famous Cloud 9

    Marama and Oney Anwar

    I am seldom in a self portrait, or have my photo taken by others simply because the image never turns out right.

    In this case, I was very pleased because I set the camera in "auto-everything" and my non-photographer friend yielded a fairly decent shot in an extremely difficult lighting condition.  The ISO performance, the SR mechanism, and the low noise were all very impressive.

    Images shot Jpeg  because I wanted to emulate how an enthusiast would use this camera.  I'm happy to say that I am more than impressed with the results.  They far exceeded my expectations.  Because the Q is a system and not simply a point and shoot,  it proves to be extremely versatile.

    More Images to follow with a complete wrap up and summary of my thoughts.  These images were scaled down for easy loading and blog purposes, for Higher resolution Samples please visit this gallery for further EXIF info and the ability to download for inspection.  If someone really wanted to pixel peep,  send me a message and i'll send you the original file.

    Part 2: Indoor use (coming soon)

Steve Jobs, Rest in Peace 1955-2011

    photo courtesy of Apple

    From my early adoption of the Apple IIe, floppy discs, and green monitors to my ultra portable Apple IIc, then moving light years ahead to my ipods, and iMacs to Mac Book Pros...

    We can happily say, that your time on this green earth increased progress and productivity for the better.

    Your life made my life better.  Rest in Peace.

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