Guess who appears in the June 2011 Issue of Men's Health???

    She won "Philippines Female Surfer of the Year 2011"
    Combined, She has won more Longboarding and Shortboarding Competitions than any other Manila Surfer.
    She rides for Aloha Boardsports and Freesurf, Inc.
    Not only does she surf, but she is a pretty darn good Architect...

    For more info and to see what unfolds  check out the June 2011 of Men's Health :)

    Happy Surfing

    *The Billabong Floral Denim Cutoffs and Billabong Blouse are part of the Spring 2011 Collection with Nixon "Time Teller" watch. All Items courtesy of Freesurf, Inc. 

    All Images ©2011 Mark Dimalanta for Aloha Boardsports/Freesurf, Inc.

Nicole Wuthrich locks up the cover of Mezzo Magazine Highlighting women that take Action to the Limit

    Every now and then you come across a diamond in the rough.  If you looked at her accomplishments, Nicole Wuthrich, Freesurfer for Alohaboardsports and Freesurf, Inc., would already seemed polished.

    For this young 25 year old, who happened to finish Cum Laude at the University of the Philippines, and is an accomplished Tae Kwon Do Champion, as well as Longboard Skate Champion, her unassuming disposition catches you off guard when you realize all that this young woman can do. Did I mention that she's also a University Professor specializing in Physical Education at the University of Asia & Pacific.  I'll bet none of the student body ever cut her class...

    Last year, for our Aloha Christmas Sale, I invited Professor Nicole for a photo shoot at Capones Vista Resort.  We shot for about 1/2 hour and it remains as one of my most enjoyable shoots ever. She was flawless, flowed effortlessly and worked with the conditions we had to endure. (lack of swell) After looking at the shots, I knew we nailed some keepers, but never really considered that I had nailed the cover.

    Here are samples of the March-April 2011 Print of Mezzo Magazine.  All images shot with Pentax K7.

    More images can be seen here: Aloha Boardsports

    all images ©2010-2011 Mark Dimalanta for Aloha Boardsports

Von Zippers, summer's best sunnies...

    Victoria Balentine in VZ "Skitch"
    Nicole Wuthrich in VZ "Telly"
    Mona Lisa Rocks her VZ's in Zambales Philippines
    VZ "Fulton"
    VZ "Bunker"

    Von Zipper Eyewear available at all Aloha Boardsports Retailers. 
    For more info and styles check out Aloha Boardsports

    all images ©2011 Mark Dimalanta for Freesurf, Inc.

Philippine Surfer Luke Landrigan Pushes the Billabong PX-1 to the limit

    "One night of magic rush, the start a simple touch, one night of push & scream, and then relief" -Billabong Asia's Luke Landrigan settling in comfortably at his backyard of La Union, Philippines

    Some people tend to really standout in the game.  Billabong Asia's Luke Landrigan, one of the Philippine's brightest stars of the local surfing world makes a surf photographer's job rather easy.  When asked to deliver,  he can surely perform.

    Recently, Aloha Videographer Chris Watkins and I caught up with him late in the season; and despite having lack luster surf we asked him to do his best.

    When Luke unleashes his fury,  surfing transcends the lifestyle in itself and for those watching, he delivered a clinic of talent...

    The Billabong PX-1 offers luke the advantage of hyperflexibility without the chafe and the hinderance of lesser boardshorts.  According to Luke, "It's like wearing nothing at all."  He adds that "I can never go back to wearing anything else."

    For further details about the Billabong PX-1 read the writeup in UNO Magazne.
    For more information about the Philippine surf scene, visit the source: Aloha Boardsports / Freesurf, Inc.

    All images ©2011 Mark Dimalanta for Freesurf, Inc. and Billabong Asia.

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