Pentax Launches the Pentax Q in Manila, Philippines

    Last October 5, 2011 Supereast Asia (Official Pentax Distributor for the Philippines) launched the "Q", the world's smallest interchangeable lens camera for our local market.

    Photojournalist Mark Dimalanta shares his thoughts on the Q
    (photo courtesy of

    I was onsite as the guest speaker for the event and was very pleased to share my experiences with the new "Q" for all the media and celebrity guests in attendance.

    As a photojournalist for the Travel and Surf Industry, I'm often carrying way too much gear.  Far often the weight and excess of gear has stripped the enjoyment of photography.  The Q offers a powerful system that can hide in your pocket, or the palm of your hand and has singlehandedly restored the "fun" in photography.

    I have always been a fan a small mirror-less cameras for their compact size and non-obtrusive appearance. My experiences with the Olympus Pen have been very satisfying, but the size and weight of the micro 4/3rds camera often had me yearning for an alternative.

    My prayers were answered with the Q.

    From my oldest camera to my newest camera, Photography has always been about the experience.  The Q adds an entirely new chapter...

    I wanted to see if the Q and a selection of primes was up to the task of covering one of my travel assignments.

    I am also the senior photographer for Billabong, here in the Philippines and I traveled with some of the Billabong team riders to Siargao Island for the recent Billabong Pro Junior.  Here are a collection of photos shot with the Q.  

    RVCA and Billabong team riders checking in and stressing over the board bag fees

    RVCA ambassador Okoy Rojo, and Billabong's Jay R Esquivel sending final texts before takeoff
    Jerry Deegan, owner of Sagana Resort on Cloud 9, Siragao Island
    View of Rock Island from Ocean 101 Resort, Siargao Island

    Shemi and Idan, surfers from Israel enjoying a Siargao sunset

    Sector 9 rider Nicole Wuthrich in Billabong bikini and shorts

    The pier and view tower overlooking world famous Cloud 9

    Marama and Oney Anwar

    I am seldom in a self portrait, or have my photo taken by others simply because the image never turns out right.

    In this case, I was very pleased because I set the camera in "auto-everything" and my non-photographer friend yielded a fairly decent shot in an extremely difficult lighting condition.  The ISO performance, the SR mechanism, and the low noise were all very impressive.

    Images shot Jpeg  because I wanted to emulate how an enthusiast would use this camera.  I'm happy to say that I am more than impressed with the results.  They far exceeded my expectations.  Because the Q is a system and not simply a point and shoot,  it proves to be extremely versatile.

    More Images to follow with a complete wrap up and summary of my thoughts.  These images were scaled down for easy loading and blog purposes, for Higher resolution Samples please visit this gallery for further EXIF info and the ability to download for inspection.  If someone really wanted to pixel peep,  send me a message and i'll send you the original file.

    Part 2: Indoor use (coming soon)

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