Aloha Board Sports team rider Corey Wills: technically perfect surfing...

    Corey riding the 5'11" Webber Fat Burner

    Style matters, and for one of the Philippine Island's best freesurfers, Corey Wills, style speaks volumes. Your surfing ability may be easily revealed by subtle cues found in your paddling ability, ease of getting into waves, bottom turning, and even how you kick out and finish off a wave.

    My favorite style guru has always been Rob Machado, and these days Corey's style is starting to emulate much of what makes Machado one of the best surfers to watch.

    Notice the compression on the approach, the horizontal nature of the shoulders, and the functional kinesic positioning of the arms and hands. When asked about how Corey maintains his core strength, which attributes positively to his overall style, Corey mentioned that SUP (stand up paddle surfing) and yoga are key influences to maintaining his style.

    *image shot with Pentax K20d and Pentax DA* 300 f4

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