100 portraits in 100 days.

    A friend of mine, and fellow Pentaxian Diego Jose inspired me to start a new post entitled: "100 portraits in 100 days"

    The basis of this project was originally inspired by www.100strangers.com.

    A project wherein we attempt street photographs with 100 new people and post on a daily basis. It is aimed to spark new encounters and to learn something new about each of our subjects.

    My first sample is a young girl selling cherries at the side of the road from the back of her wagon. This was shot during the Pentax West Coast Viral Tour of the K7, somewhere between Seattle to Portland off the interstate 5. The cherries were harvested earlier that morning, and when I saw how large of a bag they were offering and at such a low price, I couldn't resist. I ate them for days and recall that they were the sweetest I had ever tasted.

    Image shot with the Pentax K7, DA 35 macro and processed in camera using the retro filter to create the border and shift in the hue.

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