Philippine Indie Surf Rock Makes the Air Waves on NU107 FM...

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    There is a board sport revolution that is taking on a whole new meaning for “subculture” here in the Philippines. Professionals from all walks of life are taking to the water during weekend escapes to surf waves and celebrate life under the sun.

    Nikki dela Paz

    Buji Libarnes

    Architects Buji Libarnes and Nikki dela Paz, shed their office attire for INSIGHT board shorts and Volcom bikinis to engage in the lifestyle of surfing. Combined they are the most decorated duo to win most of the contests held by Manila Surfers’ Association. Together they have blossomed into well-respected mentors for the local surf community, guiding the subculture that is rapidly exploding onto our shores.

    Curious about their lifestyle? These Aloha Boardsports team riders will be featured in the maiden issue of Lonely Planet Magazine, as well as the focal point showcasing their lives in Juan Drama’s Indie surf rock video, “The Summer You Were Mine.” A Pinoy first, showcasing local surf talent and original music from a homegrown band. Gab Jover, Juan Drama’s front man and fellow surfer, has been creating local Indie rock with a surfer’s vibe.

    Gab Jover of Juan Drama

    OPM “surf rock” is an emerging style of Indie music that comprehends the surfing lifestyle. Gab’s song is catchy and nostalgic. You’ll find yourself humming the chorus unconsciously. It creates the mood that is reminiscent of the free and creative lifestyle that belongs to surfers. The song is readily climbing the MYX music charts and is gaining notoriety over You Tube.

    The Magazine Show, a lifestyle radio program hosted by model Raya Mananquil and international surfer-photographer Mark Dimalanta on NU 107 FM, every Saturday from 12 noon to 1 p.m., gets personal with Buji, Nikki and Gab about making the very first OPM surf rock video that is rapidly spreading the “gospel of surf.” Listen today for the song’s Radio debut; learn about how the theme of surfing balances their professional lives and why it is so important for the greater good of Pinoy lifestyle.

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