A Day at Disneyland with an Arsenal of Pentax Glass

    Since the waves have been flat,  I took my family to "the Happiest Place on Earth"  and shot casual family photos with a variety of lenses...

    Rather than shooting brick-walls, or focus charts,  I simply put the gear through its paces and if it suits my needs I am happy,  if not I either synergize, adapt, or move on.

    These are just random samples of the kind of shots that are usable for me in order to preserve the important events that happen in our lives.  The one thing that makes Pentax a pleasure to use is the smaller size and compact nature of the equipment.  I can see myself in the future taking along simply a K-? with an all new Weather Resistant Kit lens to suit all my shooting needs on a typical fun filled family day,  especially for all the Water rides!!  Happy Summer!

    All images shot with a Pentax K20 and the various lenses listed

    DA* 60-250, 1/250 f4.5 iso 560

    DA 35 ltd, 1/125 f3.5 iso 400
    DA 35 ltd, 1/1000 f2.8 iso 400
    DA 35 ltd, 1/60 f3.5 iso 400
    DA 35 ltd, 1/125 f3.5 iso 1100
    DA 35 ltd, 1/250 f2.8 iso 800
    DA 35 ltd, 1/45 f4 iso 800 + built in flash
    DA 35 ltd, 1/45 f5.6 iso 800 (this was malia's expression after being told she was "too short" for the ride)
    DA 15 ltd, 1/45 f5.6 iso 800
    DA 15 ltd, 1/15 f5.6 iso 800 SR
    DA 35 ltd, 1/10 f4.5 iso 800, built in flash
    DA 35 ltd, 1/8 f4 iso 800, SR (HANDHELD)
    DA 15 ltd, 1/8 f5.6 iso 1100, SR (HANDHELD)

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