Bellagio, Las Vegas shots with Pentax DA 35 macro limited

    The new pentax DA 35 macro limited has instantly become my most favorite lens. I even have one body dedicated to have that lens mounted at all times. the 35mm view on a APS-c sized sensor has essentially restored the near "normal" view, like that of a fast 50 on a full frame. one of my laurels to convey to new photographers is learn photography through a near normal view (ie: 50mm on a full frame, or something that approximates that view on cropped APS-c)

    this new lens gives that nostalgic feeling of "normal" view, with a 52.5mm view after the conversion factor of 1.5X. I use this lens as my walk around, and have the benefit of macro capability. in my experiences it is a beautiful macro lens, normal lens, and meets my expectations for landscape and images where infinity is also of importance.

    happy shooting!

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