a long awaited homecoming...

    roy powers, mikala jones, and dustin cuizon, team riders from town & country hawaii, will return to the philippines for a freesurf session and will travel the islands with the aloha boardsports freesurf team from the philippines. its a homecoming for mikala who has surfed the philippines a few times in the past, and is also of filipino/hawaiian heritage. mikala has disclosed to me in our last conversation at the us open 2006, that his prior trip to the philippines had always been his favorite surf trip.

    at a recent meeting of surf journalists, at the huntington beach art center, dana brown of endless summer II and step into liquid fame had told me that pat o'connell, himself, proclaimed the philippines to be his best surf trip. we are excited to host the boys from hawaii and look forward to empty perfect barrels.

the number one volleyball team in the country...

    misty may-treanor and kerry walsh are the number one team in the AVP world and have recently picked up their 16th win of the season. after the shocking upset in boston one week prior, misty and kerry have rebounded this week in new york to regain the number one title. with only three more events left in the season, may-treanor/walsh can win on and be crowned the most consistent win tandem in history.

superbowl predictions 2007/2008

    Well the 2007 NFL season is upon us, and football frenzy is on its way. My wife, suddenly realized that i simply do not exist sundays this fall, as well as monday evening from 6-9pm PST. I am a die hard football nut, and those who know me well, remember my die hard faith in the Dallas Cowboys.

    Well, this morning on my yahoo news videos, sportscasters, charles robinson and michael silver are predicting the cowboys to possibly win the NFC east and perhaps the superbowl. we shall wait and see. are tony romo and terrell owens the answer to our prayers???

    all images ©2007 Mark Dimalanta

new upcoming talent

    rob patterson from hawaii, and charlotte dellea are rising stars in the surfing world. keep an eye out for their talent

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